Inguinal hernia: a healing program

This section documents my research on specific healing techniques. I have identified seven therapeutic disciplines which I am convinced can significantly contribute to the healing process, and, when used together, fully heal the ailment:

1. Walking [ coming soon ... ]
2. Supportive garments [ coming soon ... ]
3. Yoga for hernia
4. Regenerative nutrition [ coming soon ... ]
5. Active sitting
6. Zero-gravity rest [ coming soon ... ]
7. Mind work [ coming soon ... ]

One does not necessarily have to practise all seven. Rather, the idea is to choose the ones that feel most doable to oneself right now, and start with those. Then later, once the healing has started, one may be naturally inspired to experiment with the others. There are no hard rules; every healing story is different.

During 2012, I intend to spend considerable time researching each of these therapeutic disciplines. I am also going to practise all of them myself.